Waking up to life through death

Experiential workshop

JUNE 14th to 16th 

JULY 12th to 14th

NOVEMBER 8th to 10th

An experience without comparison, a conciliatory walk towards one’s own death, love and life propelled by Holorenic Breathing.

A true rite of passage to expand consciousness and lose the fear of living.

A framework for healing and deep personal development. This process helps uncover exactly where one is stuck in life.

Created and directed by Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla.

Of the Masculine and Feminine

5-day Experiential workshop. 2 Holorenic Breathing sessions. Held once per year.

APRIL 27th to MAY 1th 

A human development workshop to discover and experience relationship between the sexes from the point of view of expanded consciousness, forgiveness, acceptance and joy. Discover how to accept the opposite sex with freedom, love, admiration and respect, without fear or the need to control the other. Man and woman will never be able to fully understand each other because they are completely different beings. That being said, it is possible to accept each other in a loving and constructive way, as complementary beings desiring to joyfully walk the path of life together.

Created and directed by Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla.

Learning how to love and say ‘goodbye’ to people and things

5-day Experiential workshop. 2 Holorenic Breathing sessions. Held once per year.

OCTOBER  9th to 13th 

To love is the most important thing in the world. When one develops love and compassion, every minute is one of happiness. Love is a humbling and powerful force, through which we relate to and create our world. To love is to live, and although we are born knowing this, with time we forget and then yearn for love. This requires us to learn how to love again; how to love beyond the mere desire for a romantic partner.

Created and directed by Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla.

Ayahuasca: traditional and modern usage. Creating a Third Way of use.

Theoretical Seminary

MAY 24th to 26th

If you are interested in the world of ayahuasca, then this course is for you. 

The taking of ayahuasca in Amazonian cultures and in the West; types of mixtures; minimum psychospiritual, environmental and material requirements. Introduction and minimum requirements on how to guide sessions. Use in psychotherapy: protocols, therapeutic and setting conditions. Benefits of ayahuasca usage. 

Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla, Profesor, Founder and Campus Director.

Dr. José Carlos Bouso, Guest Profesor.

Youth Encounter

I want to live passionately. And you?

APRIL 5th to 7th 

A weekend to freely reflect on life, spirituality, love, friendship, family, and the future. Young people need a space of freedom where they can talk amongst themselves about practical spirituality, the problems that exist between them and adults, how they feel about the world, their professional futures, the use of drugs, what it means to live and harmony, and other topics that often come to mind.

Directed by Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla and the team of Simultaneity School of Life collaborators.

Create Yourself


FEBRUARY 1th to 3th 

How to create your life goals and remain faithful to them.

Seminar to build a framework of values that orient you towards a purposeful existence. This experience is not for those who are already fully satisfied with life.

 In life, it’s important to hace clear goals in order to lead a meaningful existence. Unearthing these objectives requieres an effective method and a lot of will. 

30 hours with Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla.

An Initiation into Meditation

A peaceful retreat in the heart of Montnegre National Park. Static and moving meditations (ideal for those without postural issues)

SEPTEMBER 27th to 29th

Learning how to meditate is the best gift you can give to yourself in this life. Meditation encourages healthy neural connections, happiness, gratitude and calms inner agitation, thereby reducing illness and restlessness. Meditation is the pathway to success.

This workshop is an initiation into Buddhist meditation techniques, whirling dervish practise, Christian contemplation, the observation of breathing, visualisation meditation, Sufi breathing techniques (otherwise known as zikrs), cardiac coherence, eating and walking meditation, as well as meditations that are practised by member of the Simultaneity School of Life.

Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla, Profesor.


Retreat for individuals over 45 years of age, and who are searching for their way forward. 

Training to enter into the third part of life.

DECEMBER 12th to 15th 

‘Viaticum’ refers to money given to a diplomat so that he can reach his final destination. Human life is divided into three parts, formation, expansion and integration of that which has been lived, The third part of life is the hardest, and we all need a viaticum to reach the end of our lives in a positive way.

During the retreat, there will be readings and exercises to hone in on awareness of each momento, and to reflect on the inflection point that signals entry into old age. The retreat will foster sincere and special relationships with old and new friends. We all know the problems that arise during the third stage of life, yet few are prepared to resolve them. This seminar offers the solution.

Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla, Profesor.

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Cuadras, Guest Profesor.


Course on Axiology – Robert Hartman Test

Theoretical Seminary

JULY 19th to 28th

Divided into 3 independent courses.

Application of the Hartman Value Test, a complete topography of personality. It’s a deep and accurate method for the diagnosis and knowledge of patients and students, for use in psychotherapy, human development, selection of personnel, pedagogy and anthropology.

The test is a therapeutic compass that identifies with the most important aspects of a person’s need to detect and resolve significant blocks (be it with respect to the person’s inner world, outer world, bioenergetic field or sexuality). It is a diagnostic tool that allows for the recognition of strengths and weaknesses in each and every individual, as well helps us best work out how to empathise with them.

Dra. Janine Rodiles, Profesor.


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