Of the masculine and feminine

5-day experiential workshop

2 Holorenic Breathing sessions

Para cultivar la masculinidad y la feminidad eternas en el siglo XXI




A human development workshop to discover and experience relationship between the sexes from the point of view of expanded consciousness, forgiveness, acceptance and joy.



In this workshop, discover how to accept the opposite sex with freedom, love, admiration and respect, without fear or the need to control the other. Man and woman will never be able to fully understand each other because they are completely different beings. That being said, it is possible to accept each other in a loving and constructive way, as complementary beings desiring to joyfully walk the path of life together.



Learn how to establish a clean, courageous, sincere, happy, creative and respectful relationship between men and women. One that is without psychological or emotional dependencies.



The focus of the workshop is to discover how Jungian archetypes work from within, and how they determine our behavior.



Practise a friendly and loving relationship with the opposite sex. Learn how to relate without fear, competitiveness or a fight for power. This is what takes place when we accept each other from the heart, even in situations where we don’t fully come to understand the opposite sex. Often, understanding is the dangerous first step towards controlling another person. And control implies the destruction of respect and real love.



Even though the objective of the workshop is not to find a mate but to understand and experience what it means to be a man or woman in today’s world, it is easy for someone who is single to find a partner in this fluid and commitment-based context. Additionally, it becomes easy for those in relationship to find ways to relate to their partners in a more profound way.


tus relaciones con el otro sexo




This workshop is for men who desire to learn more about their masculinity while also discovering their feminine side; thus allowing them to be simultaneously virile and sensitive.



This workshop is for women who desire to learn more about their femininity as well as discover their masculine side; thus allowing them to become more feminine and complete.



This workshop is for anyone: coupled or not, married, separated, widowed, single, heterosexual or homosexual. The workshop is for anyone who desires to have a profound experience to transform relationship (with self and others) so that it becomes more kind, creative, loving and profound.

The activities of the workshop include lectures and a variety of fun exercises. Additionally, there are 2 holorenic breathwork sessions which help to foster a sense of comfort amongst the group, to open new dimensions of what it means to be a man or woman, and opens a new frontier for personal relationships (regardless of whether one is in a relationship).


The workshops are run in groups of between 20 to 50 people on our campus devoted to human development, Can Benet Vives, which is 50 kilometres from Barcelona in the heart of Montnegre National Park. There are specialised massage therapists available during the entirety of the 5-day course.



Founder and Campus Director

Barcelona 1955, Doctorate in anthropology from the University of Barcelona, writer, teacher and investigator. Current director of Can Benet Campus and the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology. President of the foundation that carries his name. The only thing that succeeds in pulling him away from his work, that he is passionate about, and that wakes up his luminous smile is his daughter, Adriana.

Has also studied high level courses in drama and psychology. Specialist in cognitive anthropology, ethnomusicology, shamanism and ethnopsychology. Researcher of expanded states of consciousness and the cultural use of entheogens. Pioneer in the use of ayahuasca therapeutically in Europe. Has received various official prizes for his scientific work. Author of 16 books and co-author of 13 more. Amongst them are: Epopteia: To Advance Without Forgetting, Los Jíbaros: Hunters of Dreams, Towards the Light of Ayahuasca, Aging: An Anthropology of Old Age, A Review of Shamanism, Entheogens and Science, Mushrooms and the Genesis of Cultures, Becoming Young and many more.


General health psychologist

Born in Barcelona in 1977. Certificate in sociocultural animation from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (in Holland). Certificate in social integration. License in psychology from the University of Barcelona and accredited as a general health psychologist. Systemic family therapist at the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona. One of the only axiologists in the country. Has received training in neurolinguistic programming and family constellations. Holds a private practise assisting individuals, couples and families. Direct collaborator with Dr. Josep Ma Fericgla since 2006.

Myriam NUNES

Estudiante de medicina y psicología

Nacida en Madrid, estudió tres años de la licenciatura en Medicina, antes de empezar a formarse en Psicología en la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Interesada en los estados expandidos de consciencia y en la psicología analítica de C.G. Jung, desde 2016 es asistente personal del Dr. J.Mª Fericgla en sus cursos y talleres.



The course begins at 18:00 h on the day of arrival. Participants will decorate the space that we will use for the following five days. This is followed by:

● a lecture by the workshop facilitator on the basic psychological principles of masculinity and femininity,

● participant introductions

● dancing and other fun activities to facilitate integration into the group.

While there is no fixed program, allowing for flexibility and flow in each moment based on the state of the participants, the workshop will include:

● walks through beautiful Montnegre National Park

● dancing

● dynamic exercises that serve to activate feminine and masculine dimensions that reside in our subconscious

● short and dynamic lectures

● meditation

● exercises on discovery and mutual forgiveness

● exercises to open a space of acceptance, fluidity and sincerity

● 2 Holorenic Breathwork sessions

● gala dinner


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