Retreat for individuals over 45 years of age, and who are searching for their way forward

Training to enter into the third part of life



“Viaticum” refers to money or provisions given to a diplomat so that he can reach his final destination. Human life is divided into three parts, formation, expansion and integration of that which has been lived. The third part of life is the hardest, and we all need a viaticum to reach the end of our lives in a positive way.

By digging deeply enough, one discovers that the external world is a big stage for our subconscious to act upon. Discovering this becomes part of our awareness, thus ending our naive relationship with the world. It is an awareness that usually comes on one’s deathbed. But by coming into this knowledge earlier, we become more responsible for our reality, ending the thinking that we are victims of our enemies or the government. We are finally able to accept total responsibility for our fates. This awareness arrives at some point during the second half of our lives, and by acquiring it, one can drink from the glass that contains the sweet wine of life to the very last drop (knowing that it’s fine even if this isn’t achieved).

During the retreat, there will be readings and exercises to hone in on awareness of each moment, and to reflect on the inflection point that signals entry into old age. The retreat will foster sincere and special relationships with old and new friends. We all know the problems that arise during the third stage of life, yet few are prepared to resolve them. This seminar offers the solution. Sign up today.

From the time that we are born

“…practically all of the trips and adventures that we undertake are no more than a return to our homeland.”



Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla

Director del retiro

Doctor en Antropología por la Univ. de Barcelona, escritor, docente e investigador. Actualmente director del Campus Can Benet Vives, de la Societat d’Etnopsicologia Aplicada (Sd’EA) y presidente de la Fundación que lleva su nombre. También cursó estudios superiores de Psicología y Arte dramático. Especialista en antropología cognitiva, etnomusicología, chamanismos y etnopsicología. Investigador de los estados expandidos de consciencia y del uso cultural de los enteógenos. Pionero en Europa en el uso de ayahuasca en terapia. Ha recibido varios premios oficiales por su trabajo científico. Autor de 16 libros y coautor de 13 más, entre ellos: Epopteia, avanzar sin olvidar; Los jíbaros, cazadores de sueños; Al trasluz de la ayahuasca; Envejecer, una antropología de la ancianidad; Los chamanismos a revisión; Los enteógenos y la ciencia; El hongo y la génesis de las culturas; Fent-se jove, etcétera.


Guest Instructor 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (University of Beijing). Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the School of Medicine, University of Beijing. Specialist in acupuncture according to the Manaka ad Toyohari traditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist in gynecology. Author of various technical articles and the only Spanish books that deal with internal Chinese medicine and infant care. Specialist in Chinese puericulture. Has studied Amazonian shamanism.



The workshop is held at Can Benet Vives on a full board basis.


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