Waking up to life through death

Experiential workshop based on Holorenic Breathing

A true rite of passage to expand consciousness and lose the fear of living.




An experience without comparison, a conciliatory walk towards one’s own death, love and life propelled by holorenic breathing.



A framework for healing and deep personal development propelled by holorenic breathwork and guided by music and highly selected sounds that push attendees towards a creative dissolution of the ego. This process helps uncover exactly where one is stuck in life.



The workshop is oriented towards those interested in the exploration of existential limits, be it for personal or professional reasons. There is no age limit. This workshop helps one gain the courage to live their lives, to heal deep psychosomatic wounds and to find one’s own place in the world. Additionally, one lovingly discovers the grandeur of what it means to die and learns how to accompany those who are dying.



A complete and deeply spiritual experience that lends itself to psychological and existential development. Whomever is capable of facing death opens an incomparable and new dimension of life based on profound self-acceptance.



The holorenic breathing session is preceded by special exercises that help to release fears and physical and emotional blocks. These exercises promote recognition of one’s true self. After experiencing the state of expanded consciousness, there is a period of elaborating on the experience which allows attendees to understand what has happened and to support each other in the process.



This is a workshop that allows one to discover unexpected dimensions of existence through the process of releasing emotional tensions that condition us all. Experiencing an expanded state of consciousness, each attendee will find the root causes that limit his or her life.



Especially suited for health professionals and psychotherapists, professors and students, couples, gerontologists, and most specifically for anyone who is genuinely interested in their development as a human being.

I invite you

“…to participate in an experiential workshop, based on your own death, in order to gain space in your life.”

Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla


The workshops are run in groups of between 20 to 50 people on our campus devoted to human development, Can Benet Vives, which is 50 kilometres from Barcelona in the heart of Montnegre National Park. Registration includes full room and board from Friday evening until Sunday evening, workshop materials and participation in the workshop.

Additionally, we run annual workshops throughout Spain and Latin America.


Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla

Founder and Campus Director

Barcelona 1955, Doctorate in anthropology from the University of Barcelona, writer, teacher and investigator. Current director of Can Benet Campus and the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology. President of the foundation that carries his name. The only thing that succeeds in pulling him away from his work, that he is passionate about, and that wakes up his luminous smile is his daughter, Adriana.

Has also studied high level courses in drama and psychology. Specialist in cognitive anthropology, ethnomusicology, shamanism and ethnopsychology. Researcher of expanded states of consciousness and the cultural use of entheogens. Pioneer in the use of ayahuasca therapeutically in Europe. Has received various official prizes for his scientific work. Author of 16 books and co-author of 13 more. Amongst them are: Epopteia: To Advance Without Forgetting, Los Jíbaros: Hunters of Dreams, Towards the Light of Ayahuasca, Aging: An Anthropology of Old Age, A Review of Shamanism, Entheogens and Science, Mushrooms and the Genesis of Cultures, Becoming Young and many more.


General health psychologist

Born in Barcelona in 1977. Certificate in sociocultural animation from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (in Holland). Certificate in social integration. License in psychology from the University of Barcelona and accredited as a general health psychologist. Systemic family therapist at the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona. One of the only axiologists in the country. Has received training in neurolinguistic programming and family constellations. Holds a private practise assisting individuals, couples and families. Direct collaborator with Dr. Josep Ma Fericgla since 2006.

Myriam NUNES


Nacida en Madrid, estudió tres años de la licenciatura en Medicina, antes de empezar a formarse en Psicología en la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Interesada en los estados expandidos de consciencia y en la psicología analítica de C.G. Jung, desde 2016 es asistente personal del Dr. J.Mª Fericgla en sus cursos y talleres.



Includes lodging on a full board basis for the entire weekend (at Can Benet or in the relevant location where the workshop is being held), workshop materials, participation in the workshop and follow-up.

Prices for workshops not held at Can Benet are subject to special pricing. Please consult info@etnopsico.org for further information.

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