Who we are


Can Benet Vives is a campus dedicated to psychological and spiritual growth, created to offer you activities oriented towards the harmonious and full development of human beings in an intimate and respectful space, appropriate for living deep experiences.

Our objective: to cultivate the inner world while simultaneously caring for the outer world.

Our promise: to be of service to others, to be at your service, and to promote healthy psychological and spiritual growth by offering models and methods for living as a free, effective, complete, conscious and joyful human being.

We firmly believe

that the improvement of society begins with the evolution of the individual.

We have everything you need to offer your own program and to accommodate individual and group activities, be it for a weekend or several days. Our location is ideal for spiritual, psychological and academic groups. We have excellent facilities.

The entire campus is organised according to ancestral laws on the harmonisation of space and energy. Located in a beautiful natural environment, we are in the heart of Montnegre Natural Park with easy access from both Barcelona and Girona.

Since its founding in 2004, the number of visitors has grown. Approximately 4,000 people pass through our doors each year to attend courses, workshops and retreats.

The campus is the headquarters of the Josep Maria Fericgla Foundation, an institution dedicated to scientific studies in the field of ethnopsychology and expanded states of consciousness, and to the investigation of possible applications of entheogens and ecstatic techniques. The foundation also educates on and organises transpersonal experiences for therapeutic processes, for human development and for the promotion of creativity.

The campus also maintains an organic relationship with the Simultaneity School of Life and the Society for Applied Ethnopsychology.

We want to share

with you our corner of peace, respect and natural living.

As an autonomous entity, the Can Benet Vives campus requires external support to sustain itself (like almost every other center dedicated to the cultivation of the internal world. It is supported by financial donations that come to the campus via the Josep Maria Fericgla Foundation, the rental of facilities and services, and the collaboration of volunteers who reside on the campus for a period of time (receiving accommodations and the ability to participate in campus activities in exchange for working at the center a few hours per week).

Each resident has his or her own living space, creating a neighborhood community where coexistence is governed by respect for individuality, a commitment to learning how to live amongst others, and where efficiency, attention to detail, and doing things with enthusiasm and love is a habit assumed by all. Here, the development of consciousness is a palpable reality.

Can Benet Vives is a really special place where we maintain an avant-garde style of life, and give total respect to nature while at the same time taking advantage of current technology.

Amongst the volunteers residing temporarily on the campus, there are individuals looking to experience community life (which is very different from the solitary life that many lead), people who desire a space of peace to study or write, and people who want to heal from some kind of compulsion or challenge. Without being a clinical site, the campus offers an orderly, plural and healthy space that is governed by constructive values where residents must assume their share of responsibility in living harmoniously together.

There are also volunteers who seek a harmonious and meaningful way of being of service to others.


Dr. Josep Mª Fericgla

Founder and campus director

Barcelona 1955, Doctorate in anthropology from the University of Barcelona, writer, teacher and investigator. Current director of Can Benet Campus and the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology. President of the foundation that carries his name. The only thing that succeeds in pulling him away from his work, that he is passionate about, and that wakes up his luminous smile is his daughter, Adriana.
Has also studied high level courses in drama and psychology. Specialist in cognitive anthropology, ethnomusicology, shamanism and ethnopsychology. Researcher of expanded states of consciousness and the cultural use of entheogens. Pioneer in the use of ayahuasca therapeutically in Europe. Has received various official prizes for his scientific work. Author of 16 books and co-author of 13 more. Amongst them are: Epopteia: To Advance Without Forgetting, Los Jíbaros: Hunters of Dreams, Towards the Light of Ayahuasca, Aging: An Anthropology of Old Age, A Review of Shamanism, Entheogens and Science, Mushrooms and the Genesis of Cultures, Becoming Young and many more.


Myriam Nunes

Communications director 

One of the Campus pillars, Myriam arrived from Madrid and loves Asturias. Since 2015, she has held the positions of general coordinator, house manager, secretary, and is now the communications director for the Josep Maria Fericgla Foundation and the Campus. There is nobody like Myriam who is able to attend you with friendliness, patience and a determined attitude to solve any problem that comes her way. She studied medicine in Madrid, and now (after ruminating for a while) is pursuing a career in Psychology.


Mireia Muñoz

Campus massage therapist

Licensed in quiromassage, thai massage, foot reflexology, Flowers of Bach and Reiki. A friend of the Campus for many years, Mireia is kindness and sensitivity incarnate. With the tenderness that characterises her personality, she is always available to offer an excellent massage.

Contact for an appointment: +34 678 46 21 15 or mireia.7m@gmail.com

Marta Huguet

Head of cleaning

Pure Majorcan, it is the second time that she comes to Can Benet Vives to live as a resident and collaborator. She ensures that the house shines and has everything necessary for your comfort. You can find her accompanied by Lua, the charming black dog that runs through the gardens.

Paula Ribeiro


Anthropology student, weaving craftswoman and Catalan from the interior, lived in Mexico for 3 years and decided to return to the Can Benet that she had already known in her youth when she came to the special workshop for young people. It deals with receiving and attending groups and visitors to the house. He coordinates Nomadic Knots, where he offers his crafts.

Leyes milenarias

de saludable adecuación energética y telúrica

“It was the year 1997 when I left my post as a university professor after decades of dedicating myself exclusively to science. From that October, I began to use everything I had learned to strive to develop my abilities as a human being, and to place myself at the service of others. I traveled to different places, centres and countries. I worked in beautiful centres attended by kind people, but I couldn’t find an ideal place to run my own courses, workshops and seminars. In 2002, surrounded by a group of friends, we embarked on a search to find a suitable place to start a center dedicated to inner work and practical spirituality. After two years of searching, we found this beautiful and harmonious natural space. It’s pretty much perfect, Can Benet Vives. It’s close to the capital of Barcelona, well connected yet isolated in the middle of Montnegre Natural Park, amasses more than eight hectares of mountain that overlooks the sea, is in lush nature . . . It is spot on!

Since finding Can Benet, we have been able to provide adequate space to carry out all kinds of activities that are related to our goals: from experiencing catharsis and expanded states of consciousness to experiencing the silence of Zen meditation that is broken only by the sound of crystalline water jumping over stones in our small pond at the entrance. We also have an adequate space for conducting theoretical seminars.

Being the demanding character that I am, during the first four years we worked hard to endow the center with everything I need at my disposal to obtain optimal results: rooms with adequate lighting and atmosphere, a sauna, quality technology for playing music, reasonably comfortable bedrooms with bathrooms, a family environment that is not too overwhelming, and a team that is not only efficient with their duties, but also understands what happens when people live a transformative process that abounds with love, respect and harmony according to longstanding laws on telluric energy that is not overwhelminng…

Now that I have this, I offer to you our facilities so that you can make them yours. Do it today.”

Josep Mª Fericgla

(+34) 937 63 00 76

Can Benet Vives Veïnat d’ Hortsavinyà 7 08490 Tordera Barcelona, Spain


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